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Gen Phoenix

Gen Phoenix
Forli Strada
United Kingdom

Gen Phoenix are developing a new generation of materials for the next era of sustainability.

We're on a mission to make material circularity possible at an epic scale to have true impact for industry and the planet.
While others are still talking big, we're building big.
Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility can regenerate up to 6 million m2 of material annually– and we're poised to grow to meet demand.

Formerly known as ELeather, Gen Phoenix is inspired by the cyclical regeneration of the phoenix, as we give new life to leather waste by transforming it into a sustainable, recycled material. Gen Phoenix will continue our mission to usher in a new generation of materials for the next era of sustainability. Our new name also underscores our commitment to introduce environmentally-friendly, circular materials with unprecedented performance and scale to new customers in consumer luxury goods, footwear and automotive. We are proud of the reputation we have built as the leader in sustainable recycled leather for aviation, railway and bus customers and therefore ELeather will remain our product brand, serving the mass-transportation market.

Through our revolutionary circular process, leather offcuts and textile waste are bound for greatness instead of landfill, being regenerated into premium next-gen materials coveted for their beauty and durability.

Our unique patented technology platform is powerfully adaptable to a number of feedstocks, including leather, post-consumer textiles, and even plant-based materials. We are on a journey and we are looking for the right candidates to join us in our mission and make a real impact today.

  • Saved over 9000 tons of leather waste from landfill
  • Powered by 100% renewable electricity
  • Recycling 95% of water used in production
  • Zero waste to landfill since 2016

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