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  • Build your career using a professional register

    • 25 Mar 2024

    Being visible to recruiters and businesses online has become an essential part of finding and maintaining work in the OSH profession.

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    Find a qualified consultant for your OSH projects

    • 25 Mar 2024

    The Occupational Safety and Health Consultants Register (OSHCR) is a free-to-access online register of qualified health and safety professionals, available to provide expertise on any kind of project.

  • Which qualifications should I ask for on a job advert?

    • 2 Feb 2024

    Good health and safety can help your business thrive. Our guide will help you recruit the right people with the relevant qualifications and expertise. 

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    Which health and safety qualification should I get?

    • 2 Feb 2024

    Whether you’re just starting out in occupational safety and health (OSH) or looking to change the direction of your career, you’ll likely need a relevant qualification.

  • Crossing streams: a second career in OSH 

    • 29 Jan 2024

    While many people who choose to work in occupational health and safety do so as a first career, the profession also attracts many who are looking for a change.

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    Apprentices: sharpen up your communication skills 

    • 29 Jan 2024

    How to articulate your real-life experience to potential employers, prove your reliability and land a new job.

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    Your route to becoming a health and safety apprentice

    • 25 Jan 2024

    Taking an apprenticeship in occupational health and safety, or a related industry, can be the springboard to an exciting and varied career.

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    Beyond apprenticeships

    • 24 Jan 2024

    How to leverage your apprenticeship to find secure and well-paid work and begin your career journey in style.

  • Broaden your horizons with work overseas

    • 24 Jan 2024

    Working abroad forces you to leave your comfort zone at the airport, and lets you experience a new culture and impress future employers.

  • Work experience: the only way is up

    • 24 Jan 2024

    Getting vital experience in the workplace marks you as someone who is goals-orientated, with initiative, commitment – and is sure to make potential employers take notice.

  • Which health and safety job should I apply for?

    • 24 Jan 2024

    From apprentices to graduates, here are the best entry points for people looking for a career in health and safety.

  • The best interview questions to land the right hire

    • 24 Jan 2024

    How to ask the right questions to drill down into the suitability of your shortlist.

  • Why diversity matters when hiring

    • 24 Jan 2024

    How can you tap into the benefits of a diverse workforce by improving your recruitment strategy?

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    The perfect job ad to attract young talent

    • 24 Jan 2024

    With more than 400,000 graduates emerging from universities each year and entering the jobs market, organisations with a compelling proposition should be well placed to find the talent they need.

  • Widening the field: valuing different types of job experience

    • 24 Jan 2024

    Experience isn’t always measured in years, but entry-level job specifications requesting too many years of employment could be putting off graduate applicants.

  • The stamp of excellence for jobseekers

    • 24 Jan 2024

    How membership of IOSH allows employers to recognise the best skills, experience and character.

  • Tips to build personal resilience

    • 15 Sep 2023

    While organisational resilience is essential, OSH professionals also need personal resilience in their roles to deal with incidents, crises and organisational upheavals. We ask the experts how we can boost it.

  • Podcast: Pathways to OSH

    • 11 Sep 2023

    IOSH Future Leaders Carly Hughes and Mathew Cooper discuss what led them to choose a career in health and safety...

  • The benefits of employing older workers

    • 31 Aug 2023

    For the first time in decades, the employment rate of over-50s has fallen, with older...

  • Can ChatGPT help me apply for an OSH role?

    • 24 Aug 2023

    With the press stuffed full of stories about ChatGPT, it seems the new artificial intelligence tool can do just about anything short of washing your clothes. But can it help you land the perfect health and safety at work job? Read on to find out.