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  • Pursuing an OSH career despite disability

    • 6 Oct 2023

    After illness and disability brought his journey into OSH to a crashing halt, James O’Neill TechIOSH is finally pursuing the career he aspired to – 14 years on. He shares his inspiring story.

  • Tips to build personal resilience

    • 15 Sep 2023

    While organisational resilience is essential, OSH professionals also need personal resilience in their roles to deal with incidents, crises and organisational upheavals. We ask the experts how we can boost it.

  • Podcast: Pathways to OSH

    • 11 Sep 2023

    IOSH Future Leaders Carly Hughes and Mathew Cooper discuss what led them to choose a career in health and safety...

  • The benefits of employing older workers

    • 31 Aug 2023

    For the first time in decades, the employment rate of over-50s has fallen, with older...

  • Can ChatGPT help me apply for an OSH role?

    • 24 Aug 2023

    With the press stuffed full of stories about ChatGPT, it seems the new artificial intelligence tool can do just about anything short of washing your clothes. But can it help you land the perfect health and safety at work job? Read on to find out.

  • IOSH needs you!

    • 18 Jul 2023

    Are you an IOSH member looking for a new volunteering opportunity? Do you want to enhance your professional profile? If so, joining one of IOSH’s Board committees can provide exactly that.

  • Could the four-day work week work for occupational health and safety managers?

    • 2 May 2023

    A three-day weekend sounds like catnip for those in the OSH field, but could they just be setting themselves up for a more stressful week?

  • Time to tidy: cleaning up your social media for potential OSH employers

    • 20 Mar 2023

    Why you should polish up your social media accounts when applying for occupational health and safety roles, as employers may check them in the screening process.

  • Back in the game

    • 13 Jan 2023

    The 2009 financial crash brought a wave of redundancies across UK industries and another period of economic uncertainty has emerged since the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr Fiona Charlton talks about her own experience; how best to respond to being made redundant; and how key stakeholders can better support IOSH members

  • Women in Nuclear

    • 2 Sep 2022

    Lindsay Sedwards CFIOSH is head of safety, health and environment at nuclear firm NUVIA, and predicts more rewarding careers in the industry – particularly for women.

  • What is the ‘Great Resignation’ and how does it affect job seekers?

    • 7 Jul 2022

    The story behind the’ Great Resignation’, hybrid working and what it means for occupational health and safety employers and employees.

  • ‘Tell me about yourself’: fielding the ultimate interview question

    • 9 Jun 2022

    When preparing for an interview for that job you’ve set your heart on, there’s one question that crops up time and again: “Tell me a bit about yourself”. Although this question seems straightforward, it catches out candidates time and again. We will discuss how you can tackle this question to impress your interviewer.

  • Rethink your CV – and land that dream job

    • 6 May 2022

    Polishing your CV can ensure you’ll get your foot in the door for that new role you’ve been coveting.

  • Get your foot in the door with a glowing cover letter

    • 4 Apr 2022

    A cover letter is as likely to be an email these days – but however you send that (often fiendishly difficult to write) accompaniment to your CV, make sure it shines. It has as crucial a role in getting your foot in the door as your CV itself. So why do some applicants give them so little thought or, as many hiring managers will testify, don’t even bother writing one at all?

  • How to succeed in an online job interview

    • 7 Mar 2022

    When job interviews were still held face to face, candidates had plenty to worry about. Many of us have had to navigate delayed trains, hard-to-find office addresses and untimely coffee spills.

  • What to expect when you’re back in the office

    • 24 Feb 2022

    Some workers feel nervous about going back to the office. Here are our tips to make your transition as frictionless as possible.

  • Samantha Banfield, Network Rail

    • 21 Jan 2022

    Samantha Banfield, workforce safety, health and environment adviser at Network Rail, describes how she went from sociology graduate to rail industry safety adviser via a waitressing stint – and how working towards overcoming impostor syndrome has made her a better OSH professional.

  • Promoting diversity and inclusion at the FA

    • 10 Nov 2021

    Cassandra Barrow GradIOSH describes how the cloud of a COVID redundancy had a silver lining in the shape of an exciting new role at the Football Association (FA), where she is embracing a broad range of OSH challenges while working to promote diversity and inclusion.

  • From safety champion to Future Leader

    • 15 Oct 2021

    IOSH Future Leader Jessica Sales explains her journey from lab quality control apprentice to QHSE manager with global commercial real estate services and investment company, CBRE.

  • How to be an effective OSH influencer at work

    • 2 Sep 2021

    The key to working across different cultures lies in the softer skills of the IOSH competency framework.