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The stamp of excellence for jobseekers

Published on: 24 Jan 2024

How membership of IOSH allows employers to recognise the best skills, experience and character.

IOSH stamp of excellence

IOSH membership provides OSH professionals with a way to stand out in a competitive sector, offering the support and guidance people need to progress their careers. It’s recognised worldwide as the benchmark for excellence in professional health and safety and includes a wide range of member-only resources.  

As well as the IOSH stamp of excellence, which ensures worldwide recognition of someone’s capabilities, there are other benefits for members, and the employers that recruit them.  

IOSH members commit to continuous learning and development, which means employers have confidence that they are recruiting top talent, and that their membership grade is a true reflection of someone’s career level and professional competence.  


IOSH members have access to Blueprint, an all-in-one package for them to self-assess, learn and record their continuing professional development. Members can control what and when they learn, so individuals can progress at a pace that fits around their work and domestic commitments.  

Blueprint links to IOSH’s competency framework, which allows people to compare their skills against those that are required to progress and address any gaps through training.  

IOSH members also have access to a dedicated Career Hub to help them develop their skills through interactive tools and resources. IOSH Mentoring, meanwhile, allows professionals to sign up to mentor or be mentored by others in the sector, providing a practical means of improving skills and increasing employability. 

Those new to the profession can also join the Future Leaders Community, which will connect them to more than 7,000 fellow OSH professionals and provide access to free events run by the Future Leaders Steering Group. This is automatically open to current student members and anyone aged under 35 or who has worked as an OSH professional for five years or fewer. 

Then there’s the wider IOSH community. With more than 400 meetings, events, webinars and conferences around the world, IOSH members can build strong networks with like-minded professionals. There are also local, regional and industry-specific networks designed to provide a platform for individuals to share their experiences and best practice.  

IOSH members also benefit from the bi-monthly IOSH magazine and accompanying website, which contains informative and inspirational articles to keep readers up to speed on new developments in the sector.  

There are six membership options available for individuals at different stages of their career: 

  • Student Member 
  • Affiliate Member 
  • Technical Member 
  • Certified Member 
  • Chartered Member 
  • Chartered Fellow 

Individuals must acquire experience and continuous professional development to move between the different member grades.  

Peak performance 

From an employer or recruiter perspective, the membership grades provide a good way of judging where an individual is on their career journey, and the kinds of position to which they might be suited. IOSH also accredits qualification from universities, awarding organisations and apprenticeships around the world, which can give confidence in the quality of any qualification that has been achieved.  

Aside from the qualifications and experience, however, a potential recruit who is an IOSH member is likely to be highly motivated and committed, and to have taken steps to ensure they continue to develop and learn over the course of their career. This should provide reassurance for those hiring that they will be getting someone who has the requisite skills, experience and character to succeed.