CPD Stars: Tariq Maqbool

Published on: 31 Mar 2020

As you read this, I am a couple of weeks into a new role. It is a fresh challenge that utilises everything I’ve learned in nearly 25 years as an occupational safety and health professional.


I started my journey when I was put in charge of workshop safety at Iron Craft Engineering in Pakistan. My next step was to then become safety officer at Equate Petrochemical Co in Kuwait, where I had the chance to become a safety professional due to a shortage of competent HS&E personnel in the local market at the time. I’ve been employed in a number of petrochemicals companies since and managed to progress my career to become lead safety engineer at the Kuwait Oil Company, before taking on my current role.

I first encountered IOSH in 2010 when I completed the Managing safely training course. I became a member of the institution last year and it has transformed the way I work. The things that I have learned have already helped me to become more systematic and efficient in planning and arranging major activities, not just within the field of HS&E but also in risk management and auditing. I’ve been able to share my knowledge and skills with my colleagues, PMCs and contractors.

I first started my CPD because a colleague was maintaining his and I asked about the benefits. Over the last year I have become a certified lead auditor for ISO 14001:2015 and have also completed a number of training courses on topics including process safety management, hazard identification and emergency response and incident investigation.

By logging my own CPD it has really brought about a significant change to my career. It has been an effective framework and a real source of inspiration and motivation for me because I am getting up-to-date information from experts related to my professional needs. I am now able to be more prominent and confident than I was before and have received appreciation and recognition from management.

Completing CPD just needs commitment and a very short time away from your routine schedule. It has allowed me to align my achievements with my day-to-day major activities and what I am doing within my area of responsibilities, my colleagues and organisation, as well as the community. I’ve attained a higher level of professionalism.